How To Create a Morning Routine (and Why It’s Important)

How To Create a Morning Routine (and Why It’s Important)I freely admit, I never used to care about my morning routine. There was no such thing as a morning routine! It was me, rolling out of bed, showering, and rolling out the door. Sometimes there was coffee involved, and sometimes there were cigarettes involved. Sometimes I was so hungover I can’t even remember what was involved! It’s scary really, looking back on my life and where my priorities once lay. But these days, well it’s an understatement to say that my life, and my mornings, are very different.

I’ve been a health coach for almost six months now (where does the time go?!?) and over that time I haven’t just been looking at my clients habits – I’ve turned the looking glass inwards and looked at my own too. And one of the issues that jumped out almost immediately for me was that I really, really wanted a good morning routine. I needed it! I wanted to feel that I’d set myself up for a really great day ahead, whether that be a successful day, a positive day, a productive day – whatever I felt I needed on that particular morning. I wanted to create it for myself.

So I set about making it happen.

The most important question I asked myself during this time, and one I really recommend you ask yourself too, was how do I want to feel? After all, if you’re creating your morning routine then you’re doing it with a goal in mind right? My goal was to make sure I was balanced in every way – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I wanted to go out into the world feeling happy, light, radiant and calm. And I wanted to feel that way all day – not just in the hour before I left my house.

So that brings up three more really great questions to ask yourself – how much time am I prepared to give myself? What’s realistic for me and my schedule? What’s my goal with this?

Once you’re clear about what you’re trying to achieve, then it’s time to get your routine going. Make sure you’re not rushing, and you want to include a little bit of self-love and self-care – however that looks for you. My morning has definitely evolved a lot, but here’s what it looks like at the moment (and no doubt it will keep evolving in the future).

Wake up early, pre-sunrise (because I love how quiet it is!). Have cuddles with my hubby, or if he’s already up then it’s cuddles with my pug. Head into the bathroom for a 5 minute dry body brush (which is so good, it boosts circulation, gets rid of dead skin cells and toxins and can help break up cellulite! Bonus!). Then it’s shower time, followed by a warm water, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar drink. I could write a whole blog about why I love this drink so much (and maybe I will one day) but this is a very important part of my morning! Then I will do an easy 20 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes of meditation before getting ready to leave the house.

I can quite honestly tell you that since I’ve been doing this I barely, if ever, get stressed about anything that happens during my day anymore – I’m so much more calm! This routine makes me feel awake and alive. My mind is clear and I’m balanced! And that is exactly what I was hoping to achieve.

So now I really want you to think about your mornings. Are you moving freely from one task to the next, or is there some unwanted rushing going on? Maybe you need to set the alarm 15 minutes earlier so you have a bit more time! Could you start a 5 or 10 minute stretch session to wake your body up and get yourself moving? Or maybe spend 5 minutes sitting quietly with your eyes closed, just focusing on your breathing, before you leave the house and get ready for the day ahead.

Remember you don’t have to make any huge changes straight away – just one little thing at a time is perfect – and you might already have a pretty good routine anyway! Having a great morning routine is all about giving yourself the tools to allow yourself to reach your true potential for the day. It’s recognising what your real desires are, and then taking the steps to get yourself there. It’s looking at your current routine and finding what’s not genuinely serving you, then crowding that out with something that will.

Once you have your morning goal in mind, it’s so much easier to schedule the things in that will truly sustain you throughout your day.

Let me know below, what does your morning look like at the moment? How do you want it to look? Is there anything you’d like to change?

With love and sunrises,

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