Getting Really, Really Clear On Your Goals

Getting Really, Really Clear On Your GoalsIt’s time to get really clear on your goals. When it comes to our health, sometimes we think we know what our goal is, but we’re actually looking at it from completely the wrong angle. So then what happens? We don’t reach our goals! Because we don’t really know what they are!

It’s all about understanding your true motives, and your underlying desire, for wanting the thing that you want.

I was thinking about this today when a good friend asked me why I was heading off to do my yoga teacher training. So I considered it. Why do I really want to teach yoga? What’s my goal? What am I hoping to achieve by taking on this training and then in turn sharing that training with other people?

It’s easy to just say, well, my goal is to be a yoga teacher. And in a way that’s not wrong. But I need to look past what I’m doing and look at what I’m feeling. I want to be a yoga teacher because practising yoga has brought me so much peace, balance (in mind and body) and a deeper connection with myself, and I want to share those amazing benefits with other people. I feel a calling to show you the same experience that I experience. I truly believe that yoga holds something for everyone, no matter who you are, and the world would be a better place if all of us practised just a little bit. So if I teach, then I’m helping that cause. I’m helping to create a more peaceful, balanced and connected world!

So you see my goal isn’t just to be a yoga teacher. It’s so much more than that!

And what about your goals? What is it that you really, really want in this life?

Take a minute to think about your motive, your desire. Say your goal is to lose 10kg. Okay, great goal! Now why do you want to lose that weight? What would that mean for you to lose it?

Perhaps it would mean that you’ll fit into those pants you wore when you were 22 and felt at your sexiest. Okay, go deeper. If you fit into your 22-year-old-you sexy pants, how will that make you feel? Maybe it will bring you self-confidence, maybe you’ll start waking up feeling really good about yourself. Maybe you’ll stand up to that person who’s been mean to you at work! Maybe that confidence will allow you to start studying the subject you’re really passionate about but was always too nervous to try.

So you start to see, the goal was never about the pants, or the weight. The goal was to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

So take a few moments now to get intimate with your goals. Understand why you want that goal, and how it’s going to make you feel. How it’s going to better your life. How it’s going to bring you closer to your true self.

Once you’re clear, close your eyes and imagine you’ve reached that goal. Feel the exact feeling you would get at that moment. Now use that as your motivation!

Once you gain this insight into your true goal, you are much more likely to get it. Now go get ‘em gorgeous!

With love and understanding,

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