Why I Love Being a Health Coach

Why I Love Being a Health CoachA really lovely client of mine, that I’m now honoured to call a friend, posted this on her Facebook page today:

“I’ve dropped 10kg in body weight in the past 4.5 months and feel the fittest/healthiest I have ever been in my 36 years of life. I am not on a diet (can’t deprive myself!) I have done it by taking the time to learn how to love my body, learnt to listen to its needs, learnt to work with it not against it and nurture the amazing machine it is. It’s so true that you only get out what you put in. Anyone can do it. If you haven’t already, try it and see for yourself what your beautiful body can do. Give yourself the right food and care your body craves, and enjoy the amazing things that will happen.”

And I can’t begin to tell you how much my heart lit up! Reading that makes me feel so honoured, and so proud, to be a Health Coach and have this opportunity to guide and mentor so many wonderful people into becoming who they truly are. Who they deserve to be! I sent this particular client a text saying how much I loved that message and she wrote me back, “I will hold my head up. I am so proud of myself not just for what I have achieved but for believing in myself and believing that as long as I have me I will always be alright”.

Beautiful. Inspiring. Insightful. And magical.

I believe, I know, that every single one of us – you, me, everyone – has the ability to lead the life that we were born to live. And by that I mean, to listen to ourselves and live our lives with the authenticity that we each hold inside. To know and honour our deepest desires and follow the path that we want so badly to follow.

So many of us get caught up in what other people think. I know, I’ve been there! Pretended to like certain things (clothes, music, people) just so that I’d fit in. Worried because I didn’t look perfect, like the girls on TV. Worried whether I was saying the right things at the right time (and I’m naturally a bit of an introvert so this made me even more shy). I used to analyse pretty much everything that came out of my mouth and wonder if the person I was talking to thought I was a right idiot! How exhausting right?!?

It took me a long time to get past this stuff (and meeting and falling in love with my husband helped me a lot), but when I finally did it was so liberating. I felt free for the first time! Free to follow my dreams and my passions, free to forge friendships with people who were going to lift me up and support me, free to become who I truly wanted to be but had been too scared to.

And now I get to help other people feel that same freedom. Words cannot express the joy, fulfilment, pride and awe that I feel when I see these gorgeous women move from a place of confusion, unhappiness and pain, to a place where they are smiling all the time. It’s not just about losing weight, reducing symptoms of illness, learning how to cook and look after themselves (although all that stuff is pretty freakin’ awesome!). It’s about them realising that they can do it. Being there as they develop this connection to their body and learning to listen to themselves and make the right decisions for them. I get to watch them blossom right in front of me!

So why do I love being a Health Coach? Because I love being a spectator as another person grows and develops into their true self. It is the most rewarding job I could possibly imagine.

This is truly the best job EVER.

With love and authenticity,

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