How Did Your Year Stack Up? 2014 in Review!

How Did Your Year Stack Up 2014 in Review!Can you even believe 2014 is nearly over?? I certainly can’t! Apart from being one of the quickest years in history, this year has also been the most rewarding. For me anyway.

So let’s take a look back at our year, shall we?

When I think about reviewing my year, I’m not thinking about what went on in the world. I’m thinking about what went on in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul. How did I grow, learn evolve, exist? What was I focusing on, were those things important? Where did I expend my energy, and was it worthy?

I feel like we spend far too much time thinking about the stuff that goes on outside of ourselves. What’s in the news… what’s happening at work… what friends and family and neighbours are doing… what celebrities are doing… what the government is doing. All those external things can be such a massive distraction, and before you know it, you’ve forgotten to look inside yourself to see what’s going on. Yet, inside yourself is the most important place you should be looking.

I think we can sum up a year in review by just asking ourselves a few questions, and seeing what thoughts and feelings come back.

So I’ll start, and then you follow, okay?

How have I felt this year? I personally have felt happy, challenged, scared (in a good step-outside-your-comfort-zone kinda way), content, blissful, healthy, excited, nervous, proud and blessed. And all of these feelings have come from a really good place. I’ve done a bunch of things this year that I never thought I would, and that have dragged me out of my easy existence into one where I was constantly pushing my own boundaries, and it’s the first time I think I’ve ever taken a leap like that.

At the beginning of the year the hubby and I decided 2014 was going to be all about work. Working hard, saving our money, and looking towards our future goals. And I can tell you, work we did! I started this blog, I started my own business, studied hard, completed my health coaching certification, completed my yoga teacher training, coached some amazing women towards their health goals, and held down a fulltime job. Phew! And the hubby worked his (gorgeous) butt off, weekends, days, nights, to get us a step closer to our dreams.

I’m so proud of him, and I’m so proud of myself! Setting yourself a goal, and then reaching that target, is the most satisfying feeling you can imagine.

If you’re not sure how you’ve felt this year, just close your eyes, take a look back on your year, and notice the feelings that bubble up inside you. Remember we feel our emotions physically, and sometimes we just need to pause quietly and let them come through. Write them down! And allow yourself to feel good about all that great things that you’ve done.

What was I grateful for this year? Oh, sooooo many things. My husband (always). My dog. My friends and their constant love and support. The opportunities I’ve been able to take advantage of. The people I have met. The fact that I’ve been able to pursue my passions (health, wellness, yoga, nutrition) while still holding down my day job and a personal life (although it’s definitely been challenging!). The constant sunshine. The natural beauty in the world. And this incredible world that we live in.

This year we had the chance to travel to a few places – Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bali – and no matter how much I travel, I am still amazed and awestruck by the wonder of our shared home. Not just the beauty of Mother Earth, but also the kindness of the people I meet, the creativity that’s out there, the diversity, the passion and the hope. I’m so grateful to be a part of our world, and to have the opportunity to go out and experience it.

And now it’s your turn. Where did your gratitude lie?

What did I learn this year? I personally learned that it’s incredibly confronting to move past your fears, but once you do, it is SO worth it. I have done so many things this year that I never knew I could – this blog, my business, teaching yoga, buying a hectare of stunning land, public speaking, quitting the booze (just to name a few!).  I’d always labelled myself a certain way, said things like, “No, I’ll never be able to do that”. But now I know that the only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves! When you remove those limitations, and have some faith in yourself, you can achieve whatever your heart desires.

I also learned that sometimes you find love and encouragement in the most unlikely places. I guess we usually expect it from certain people in our lives, but every now and then those people are not the ones you get it from. It might be a stranger, or someone you’ve only known a couple of days, or someone that you think you’re helping but it turns out they’re helping you. This reminds me that life is a changing tide, things change constantly, and we need to be accepting and adaptable to move along with it.

What were your life lessons over this last 12 months? Have you had any big bites of reality, or have you been hiding from those bites? There are lessons to be found in each direction you take!

How did I grow this year? Honestly, I think I actually grew up this year! I started facing life head on, I stopped relying on alcohol to soften the blow, and I started being totally and completely honest with myself. That was huge growth for me. I began to trust myself, and have confidence in myself, and listen to myself. I’m not there yet, by any means (are any of us ever really there?), but I’m proud of my progress.

And you, gorgeous? How did you grow?

And for my final question. This one you don’t have to share with anyone if you don’t want to, just ask yourself and then, when you notice your answer, you can choose to act on that in whatever way you please. It might become your motivation behind your intentions for next year. It might push you to face one of your fears, and do something you’ve been too scared to do. It might encourage you to change something in your life for the better!

My last question is, was I happy this year?

Life, I believe, is meant to be lived in happiness. Whatever happiness means to you. Being content inside and outside. After all, if right now is all we’ve got, then we should feel pretty damn good about being here right now!

I, for one, was ridiculously happy this year. Even when the bad things happened, even in those really confronting moments, there was happiness. Because I finally feel like I am on the path I’m meant to be on, living out my dharma. And yes, there will be road blocks and stumbles along the way, and I may lose things and things may not turn out exactly the way I planned them. But in all of this there are lessons, and there is growth, and I know that I’m on the right path.

This brings me happiness.

Thank you for being part of the ride that was 2014! For being here, and being you, and adding to the wonder of the world. I hope 2014 brought you joy, and that 2015 brings you even more (I can’t wait to see what’s in store next year!). Lots of love to you, from me.

With love and a heartfelt namaste,

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