My Goals, Dreams and Desires for 2015

New Year 2015It might be almost two weeks’ late but… Happy New Year!! I personally love the new year. I love the ritual of shutting the door on the year before, and opening the door on the new possibilities of the year ahead. It’s not like anything actually happens, the sun rises just like every other day, but yet it brings so much hope and optimism and inspiration to people the world over.

It makes you feel like you have a clean slate, you can make a fresh start, and anything that happened before is wiped away. That’s the part I love. That sense of, it’s a new year! And this year I can make incredible things happen!!

Did you go away anywhere over your break? Perhaps visiting family or friends, people you haven’t seen for a while? The hubby and I were in Perth spending Christmas Day with his family, and then we visited my bestie over in Queensland for a week. It was sooooo good to catch up with her and her partner, plus we coasted around the countryside checking out some other awesome spots – Byron Bay, Nimbin, Murwillumbah. Absolutely beautiful parts of Australia. It kinda reminded me of driving around New Zealand, and I haven’t been back there for two years now so I was happy for the reminder. I do love those rolling green hills of home!

So I hope you’re feeling delightfully refreshed and ready to tackle 2015 with everything you’ve got! That’s pretty much how I’m feeling, and I’m hoping to spread some of that around. I have some pretty decent goals in the pipeline this year and I thought this would be a good chance to not only get them down on paper (when you write them down you have a much higher chance of reaching them. So I hear anyway!), but also to share them with you.

And I do like sharing things with you! So let’s begin with the business side of things. Career goals.

+ Now that I’m a yoga teacher I plan to get as much experience under my belt as possible. I’m starting by running three classes a week and I’m so excited to see how they evolve, how my students grow, and how my own practise develops. I’m also hoping to mentor a small number of one-on-one students, not only for my own experience but also just to share the gift of yoga around.
(Honestly, I truly feel that if more people practised yoga in some form, the world would be a better place. More peace, less violence. More health, less illness. I could go on.)

+ I’ll be uniting my health coaching and my yoga into one big, beautiful, wellness enterprise. I’ll become a one stop shop for anyone (including you!) looking to change their lives. I can’t begin to describe how proud and happy it makes me to see people finding their strength and overcoming their fears and doubts to become this person they didn’t realise they could be. It’s tough to make a big lifestyle change and I am in awe of every single one of my clients who do it. Massive respect ladies! So, watch this space for future movement on the business front.
(But don’t forget I am always open for business, so if you feel like you’re needing a change for the better, get in touch and let’s chat!)

+ More study on the horizon! I am always searching for information and seeking out knowledge, and this year will be no different. I feel that if I’m not learning, then I’m not growing, and I think self-growth is absolutely essential. I’m hoping to start a pre-natal yoga course soon (so I can teach all you pregnant ladies out there!), and I’m also really keen to get into Ayurveda. This is the sister science to yoga, an alternative medicine system that has been around for thousands of years – truly fascinating stuff. Could that be another dimension in my wellness enterprise? You’ll have to wait and see!

So in a nutshell, this year will be all about evolving and expanding in every facet of my business and life passions. I know what I want to do, so it’s time to get that ball rolling and start building my empire. Though it will be less of an empire, and more of a beautiful journey that everyone can be a part of, you included.

Let’s move into the playing side. Home goals. Personal goals. There’s a few of them! Let me share these with you.

+ Early last year the hubby and I brought a hectare of land south of Perth. And it’s a beautiful piece of land. Close enough to the city to get what we need, but far enough away to feel like we’re in the country. Close enough to be able to ride bikes to the beach, or to the train station (I, strangely, happen to love public transport, mostly due to my dislike of driving cars), and there’s even a river nearby that my hubby is super excited about kayaking in. So now we’re up to the next stage, which is building something on it!

This year we will be putting up a big ole’ shed, 112m2 in fact, and converting part of it into a liveable space that we will eventually settle in while we build the actual house (more on the house later). So we’re going to be knee deep in Council approvals, tree lopping, trench digging, and my favourite part, fitting out and furnishing. I’m so excited to see things start to happen on our site, and we’ve decided that we want to shed to be ready by the hubby’s birthday this year. I’ll keep you updated as things progress!

Our Land 2 Our Land 1


+ So let’s talk about the house. If you’ve read much of my blog you’ll know that I’m a bit (lot) of a hippie, and when it comes to building then it’s not different. We’re going to be building an eco-friendly house, using as many sustainable, recycled and salvaged materials as we can. Exciting right?!? The design is already finalised, it’s a solar passive design with beautiful north-facing rooms, and a fabulous outdoor area for summertime barbeques and playing with our animals. Of which there will be many, if I have my way!

So although we won’t start building the house this year, we will be making some big decisions. What materials should we use – rammed earth, hempcrete, sustainable timber, straw bales? Bamboo flooring, salvaged tiles or polished concrete? We’re in no hurry but we do want to make sure we get it right. Not to mention, I have a big vegetable garden and fruit orchard to design! I’ll be featuring this process in the blog as it happens (and as always, totally open to suggestion. If you’ve done something like this before, let me know!).

+ My husband, the gorgeous soul that he is, came into our marriage with a wee bit of debt. He’s done incredibly well to clear a lot of it, and this year we feel like we’re on the downhill slide. He made a few bad decisions in his younger years – don’t we all! – but he’s come a long way and he’s learned some valuable lessons so it’s not all bad. This year we hope to have it all cleared with just the mortgage rolling over nicely. Ahhhh money, it can be a blessing and a curse at the same time!

And that folks, is about it. Of course, I know these goals may change shape as the year progresses, you can’t predict things that might happen! But this is definitely where my focus is. Thank you for being here and for coming along for the journey with me! I hope it inspires and motivates you to think about your own goals, dreams and desires for 2015.

So what’s calling you over the next 12 months? I’d love to hear what you have driving you forward! Leave a comment below and share some of your personal goals (and remember, writing them down helps!).

With love and aspirations,

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