Jess Ainscough – Wellness Warrior and Ray of Light

Jess Ainscough – Wellness Warrior and Ray of LightJess never knew me. But I knew her. At least, I felt like I knew her – as did thousands of others from all corners of the globe who had read her blog and followed her journey over the last seven years. And along with them, it was with great shock and deep sadness that I learned she had left our world on February 26th.

Jess had been living with a rare form of cancer, epithelioid sarcoma, which spread to her left arm. She decided to keep her arm and instead of going down the usual road of cancer treatments she jumped over to a different path – the Gerson Therapy.

While some with cancer would retreat into a cave and resign themselves to never coming out again, Jess did the complete opposite. She leapt out of that cave with all the passion any person could have and thrived.

She threw herself, full of optimism, energy, radiance and love, into sharing all her knowledge with the people that followed her journey. She blogged constantly. She filled social media feeds. Only one year ago she was touring Australia speaking at her Wellness Warrior Tour to celebrate her book being released “Make Peace With Your Plate”. (I have this book, pride of place on my bookshelf, with a personalised ‘Bianca, heart Jess’ inscribed inside). She was raw in her honesty and in sharing everything that was going on in her cancer world and her personal world.

We learned that her mother had passed (also of cancer) late in 2013. She shared her grief and the profound effect it had on her and her health. Perhaps she never recovered from this? But she also shared the high points, she was engaged and due to marry this year. My heart goes out to her partner and I hope he finds some solace knowing that so many people are grieving and sending their love to him at this time.

What I was struck by the most about Jess was how much she loved life. She had an energy around her that was full of life, contagious, uplifting and vibrant. She seemed to vibrate light. And for me and thousands of others, we wanted to see that light shine!! And shine it did.

For me personally though, I learned so much reading her blogs. About wellness, eating well, juicing, but also about keeping a positive mindset and following your dream and walking your path no matter what other people thought about you. About being true to yourself, and about being yourself.

To me she lit up the sky as someone who had found her calling and followed it heart and soul.

When I started out as a health coach and a blogger I was scared, nervous, doubtful. What if I fail? What if I’m no good at this and people laugh at me? Who am I to think I can tell people how to be healthy? So I wrote down some names of people I admired, who had filled me with the inspiration and belief that I could do this, and Jess’ name was at the top of that list.

So Jess, thank you for sharing yourself with us. Thank you for being the inspiration, the hope, the heroine, in ways that you probably had no idea you were being. Thank you for showing us that we can do and be anything we want. Thank you for being that ray of light, and continuing to be that ray of light beaming from your new angelic home. Thank you for being you.

I, along with many others, will continue to be inspired by you.

If you would like to know more about the Gerson Therapy, there are some great documentaries you can watch. The Beautiful Truth, The Gerson Miracle and Dying To Have Known are a few of them. You can also read more on their website here.

With love and remembrance,

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  1. So true. I feel that we have truly lost a beautiful ray of light but I do believe that wherever Jess is now she will be laughing, shining and spreading her effervescent joy and passion for life.

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