Mid-Year Goals Update – New Directions, Expanding Desires

Mid-Year Goals Update – New Directions, Expanding DesiresBack in January I wrote a blog about my goals for the coming year, and in the last couple of weeks I’ve felt this desire to revisit it. We’re over halfway through the year now (can you believe it?) and so much has happened! Things that I didn’t see coming, things I didn’t expect, and things that I only ever dreamed about too. I guess that’s life right??

I do think it’s important to make goals, and it’s just as important to look back and see what you once aimed for. Sometimes you just forget, sometimes life takes you in a completely different direction, and sometimes you change your mind. But more often than not, it reminds you just how far you’ve come!!

So in this spirit, I’m taking myself back eight months ago to see where my sights were set at that time, and what has happened since.

So where shall we start? Business stuff. The serious side of things. Career goals.

+ In January, I was a brand new yoga teacher, desperate for experience. Now I’ve taught over 80 classes! That’s pretty crazy for me to look back on, I’ve definitely increased in my confidence, plus I’ve met some gorgeous people that I have learned from just as much as they’ve learned from me. And, quite unbelievably, I quit my fulltime day job in July of this year to pursue my wellness business permanently! I never expected that to happen – it was a decision made completely spur of the moment. I mean, quite literally I was talking to my husband about it and within two days it was decided. It felt right so we went with it (moral of the story? Trust your instinct!!).

Eight months ago I wrote “I’m starting by running three classes a week and I’m so excited to see how they evolve”, and my schedule now includes eight classes a week (is there something about the number eight going on here??)! Plus I was after a few one-on-one clients and I have a whole bunch of them right now, all beautifully on their own yoga journey for their own unique reasons. Oh, it makes me so freakin’ happy!!!! So, what next in this space…?

+ And of course, that goal of uniting my health coaching business and yoga into one big wellness enterprise?? Yes, it’s happened. As of two weeks ago. Goal met! Ambition achieved! Honestly, I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I have actively invested time, effort and money into a massive goal and consciously kept moving towards it. I reckon being sober has something to do with that! And having an unbelievably supportive hubby who encourages me more than I even encourage myself.

But yes, I am super proud. And it feels indescribable to be able to focus all of my attention onto my clients and students, without feeling worn out by the day job, or grumpy because of things that happened in the office. It’s not easy when you’re dividing your attention between a job that boxes you up into a job description with documented processes and procedures, and a job where your creative and intuitive juices can flow infinitely. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum! If you’re in this same situation then you know what I’m talking about.

Compartmentalisation vs liberation. Let liberation win every time!

+ Finally, onto study. I absolutely still stand by what I wrote in January, “I feel that if I’m not learning, then I’m not growing, and I think self-growth is absolutely essential”. However my goals with prenatal yoga haven’t exactly gone to plan. I’m still studying it but I’m going in fits and starts, and it doesn’t seem to be a huge priority for me right now. Instead I did some mindfulness meditation training, and I’m now in the process of completing the eight week self-development portion of the course (seriously, there’s that eight again! What’s with that??). And I haven’t touched in the Ayurveda that I’m still feeling that pull towards.

But watch this space! I’m researching some yoga and Ayurveda schools in India right now and that could be something I look at doing in 2016 (if I have my way, it will definitely be happening. Just gotta find something for the hubby to do at the same time!).

So let’s move into the personal goals. The play stuff. Get a little closer to home.

+ That land we brought. That gorgeous hectare that we love so much! Yes we were supposed to build a shed by the hubby’s birthday in June but it’s fairly safe to say that plans have changed a little. Delays in planning and building approvals meant that we couldn’t even start anything until April, and at this stage we’ve managed to chop some trees (saving the timber for later use), remove some stumps, and level the building envelope. So yes, a tad behind schedule. But it’s all good, as long as we have the shed up by Christmas I’ll be happy!

+ And the house? We have managed to make some big decisions, which is pretty exciting. Even though the house won’t happen until next year at the earliest, I’m happy that we have an idea of what we’re working towards (because without a clear vision, how will you know you’ve made it, right??). And the winner for building materials is… sea containers!! Yep, we’re building a sea container home, 11 containers in total, and three of those will be used solely as a yoga studio/health coaching space/home office for Vitality headquarters. I know, I know, don’t get too excited just yet! But you just wait – as time goes on this is something that I’ll be mentioning more and more.

Oh, and for the hubby? A massive organic permaculture garden. A little slice of nature paradise right outside our front door is in the works! He’s been getting more and more into this subject – in fact, while I’m off studying Ayurveda in India, he might just be studying permaculture somewhere nearby.

Side note: This has been so fulfilling for me, watching him find his passion in permaculture. It’s moved from a little spark of interest into a topic we talk about daily, and I just can’t tell you how amazing this is!!

+ And lastly, I have to mention that the hubby has been super focused and amazing and cleared the debt he wanted to by the date he had set for himself. Another goal met! I’ve realised actually that our relationship with money is such an important one. I mean, in an ideal world (or maybe that should be in my ideal world), money wouldn’t even exist, but it does and so we have to deal with it. And there’s an element of respect that we need to have towards money, in that generally speaking we need it for our survival, but not so much that it’s our main focus in life.

I’ve said before that I don’t believe money equals success, but it’s also not optional, so it’s a bit of a balancing act. Don’t abuse it, but don’t completely rely on it either. Money can’t bring happiness and we shouldn’t expect it to. So use it for what you need to, and then seek happiness elsewhere. Don’t make your big life decisions solely around financial reasons, but then don’t cut them out of the equation entirely.

Experience is worth more than riches. In my books anyway.

This is one of the reasons why it wasn’t a scary decision to quit the day job and move fulltime into my business. I’m not scared of money, I’m definitely not materialistic (which you would know if you saw some of the weird harem pants I get around in!), but I also believe that there is enough to go around.

Plus a big driving force behind me is that I believe when you are doing something that you’re really, really passionate about, then you can’t possibly fail! I mean, if you’re living out your purpose, then success is the only option!

Deepak Chopra sums it up nicely. “When you express your unique talents and use them in the service of humanity, you create abundance in your life and the lives of others.” That’s it in a nutshell.

So feel the fear, and do it anyway. Listen to your instincts, take leaps into the unknown, and think about making your goals your reality. Follow you dreams!

No doubt they’ll change along the way, and divert a bit and maybe head off in a totally different direction, but like I said at the start, that’s life right? You’re evolving and so is your life! Set a direction and see what happens.

So jump down into the comments and let me know how you’re going with your goals so far this year! Are you on track, or have you taken a totally new path?

With love and moving forward,

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  1. I get sooo it when you say- “It’s not easy when you’re dividing your attention between a job that boxes you up into a job description with documented processes and procedures, and a job where your creative and intuitive juices can flow infinitely.” Also being a mum (which is the most important job) takes another block of energy. My goal is to live as simply as possible from now on and make some savings accounts up so I can also do things I’m passionate about for a living in the future. 🙂

    • That’s a beautiful goal Ali! I love that you’re devoting time to your family but still allowing time for yourself and your passions, I think it sounds perfect 🙂

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