How to Get Unstuck and See Clearly Again

Okay, it’s confession time.How to Get Unstuck and See Clearly Again

In the last two months I’ve managed to get myself completely off track. I’ve been unsettled, I’ve let certain things slip from my daily life, and I’ve felt up in the air. I haven’t been meditating. I haven’t been doing much yoga. I haven’t been blogging. And I’m feeling… stuck.

In my own defense, there’s been a lot going on. That move I talked about in my last blog? Well, it happened! The hubby and I uprooted our lives and drove 1,800kms south to start a new one in Mandurah. We had five days to unpack and create as much of a home as we could before we then set off for a little wanderlust adventure (I’m actually writing this sitting on the floor of our Airbnb rental in Quepos, Costa Rica).

Life got packed up in boxes, moved, unpacked, then re-packed into a suitcase.

And in all that flurry of activity, it seems that I forgot about myself.

I’ve been so busy making sure everything ran smoothly, I forgot to stop and check in with myself and make sure I was running smoothly. So now that I’ve had a chance to stop (on a beach in Costa Rica no less) I realise that I haven’t been running smoothly at all.

Have I been using all this change as an excuse to quietly let things slide? Had it become just too hard? Or was it the change itself that derailed me?

My spiritual teacher said to me that every day you have to start again. Every day when you wake up you make decisions on how your day is going to be, what it’s going to look like, and how you’re going to carry yourself through it. You start again with each breath you take, each new cycle, every inhale.

I also believe that life ebbs and flows – sometimes things are wonderful without even trying, and other times you need to put in a little extra effort to stay in that good zone.

So without judgement, and without harsh criticism or analysis, it’s time for me to put in the effort and start again.

The first place to start when you’re getting yourself unstuck is to remember why.

Why you are doing what you’re doing (and this could be anything – your career, your relationship, your living situation, your quest for a healthier lifestyle).

Is it because it fills you with excitement and wonder? Is it because you recognise it as your life’s passion and purpose? Is it because you believe in it with every cell in your being?

When you focus on your why, the distractions and excuses will just fall to the wayside.

Next, look to the goal. What is the end result? What’s the dream that you’re manifesting here?

Make it clear, bring the dream into focus. See it in every minute detail, notice what it looks like, the colours, the surroundings. Notice how it smells, how it feels. Does it have a taste? Stop to listen for a moment.

Take a photo in your mind of that image and commit it to memory. Write it down, even draw it. Remind yourself of all the details so that when it becomes a reality, you’ll recognise it.

Finally, work backwards until you know exactly how you’re going to get yourself there. Start with baby steps, one thing at a time, until the steps become leaps and the leaps become bounds and before you know it, the momentum has created its own energy and it’s just happening. As if you’d planned it that way.

For me, it’s time for baby steps. Bring back the meditation practice. Start the day with a short yoga practice. Make sure I have stillness in my day somewhere. By keeping a small routine as standard no matter where I am, all these changes will seem less disruptive and I will be less affected by them (I am a Taurus after all – change is not my favourite).

Remind myself to be grateful for every day no matter what it brings, and for the opportunities and experiences that come with it.

And start to remember my why again.

It’s time to get back on the path. So this is my first step – this blog and these words. By putting my intentions out into the world then it makes them that much more real.

Have you been stuck? Do my words bring a spark of recognition in you as well? If so I’d love to hear your own experiences and how you were able to see clearly again.

With love and a little effort,

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