Dreams Manifesting into Reality: The Birth of My Yoga Studio and Sacred Earth Sanctuary

Sacred Earth SanctuaryYesterday I posted on Facebook to officially announce the opening of my yoga studio on November 1st. WOW. I actually can’t believe that it’s happening!! Even writing it, it didn’t seem real.

It’s like when you book flights to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, but it doesn’t feel real until the moment you board the flight. And even then sometimes it’s not until you land in some amazing destination that it really kicks in.

I think that’s what this is going to feel like. It’s not going to be until the first day, and I open the doors to my first class, that I’m going to realise that this is really happening.

So I wanted to share with you how this all came to be, because it’s been unusual, fate-driven, and not at all normal. Although when we’re talking about turning dreams into reality, it’s very rarely normal! But this, this is something altogether different.

It started actually when I was still living in Karratha, near the end of last year. Knowing I was moving to Mandurah, and knowing that I knew absolutely no one here, I decided I needed to reach out and make contact with at least one person who I thought might be able to become a friend. I’d been receiving newsletters from Tamara at Dynamic Organic (an organic health store) for a little while and I felt quite drawn to her – we had a lot in common, and she came across like a fun person. Plus I thought, maybe I’d be able to advertise my business in her store (always that little hidden agenda!).

So I flicked her an email. It was basically, hey I’m a stranger but I’m moving to Mandurah, we have heaps in common, and would I be able to pop into the shop sometime and say hi? She replied within a couple of days with a quick sure, come in when you arrive and we’ll have a chat!

Fast forward to March of this year, I’m in India and scrolling through Facebook on a break during my yoga training. I came across a post that Tamara had put up just a few moments earlier…

Dreams Manifesting into Reality The Birth of My Yoga Studio and Sacred Earth Sanctuary 1

My heart screamed YES! So fast that my mind didn’t even know what was happening. Within minutes I had replied. Remember me? I said. I was the stranger that emailed you late last year. This is perfect for me – let me open a yoga studio and health coaching practice as part of your wellness centre!

At that moment I knew, knew, that this was the reason I had felt so drawn to connect with her in the first place. It had been the start of a journey towards destiny.

Unfortunately, being in India I wouldn’t end up meeting up with Tamara until over a month later. During that time, another business had taken the largest space available, and Tamara wasn’t sure we’d be able to fit a yoga studio anywhere into the centre. I was feeling a little heartbroken, but I knew it had to work out so I went and met with her the week I arrived back from India at the end of April.

Remembering of course that I didn’t know her, and she didn’t know me, but we sat down and looked at the plans to see if we could create space anywhere. We came across an area that was earmarked as part of the café alfresco, and Tamara wondered if perhaps we didn’t need the alfresco to be that big and perhaps we could build a room there?

It wasn’t a huge space, but it was enough. And so we added a boutique yoga studio to the plans. And it was literally that easy.

Without knowing me, my abilities, my ambition, or even whether I was a decent yoga teacher or not, Tamara immediately trusted me and went out of her way to include me in her vision. And for that, I am so grateful. Would many people have that unquestioning faith in a total stranger? She didn’t ask for anything in return, no money exchanged hands. It was a contract made based on our shared love of natural health and desire to help people, and that’s it!

She just believed in me. From day one. I don’t know about you but I haven’t even had that kind of support from my parents (at least, not all the time)! And so this dream of mine, to open a yoga studio and health coaching practice, became incredibly easy.

Since that day everything has continued to flow, with ease and steadiness, towards incarnation.

When things happen in this way, I truly believe it’s because the universe is guiding the way. When something is destined to happen, the universe conspires for it to be. It removes the barriers and opens a clear path ahead for creation to occur. And that is exactly how this has been. Not just for me, but for everyone involved (but that’s their story to tell).

Of course, there’s been the issue of the weather. We’ve shivered our way through the wettest and coldest Winter in recent history, affecting the building of our centre in the process. But this has been part of the plan I think. It’s meant that our opening has been delayed until November – the eleventh month. And for those of you that don’t know me personally, the number eleven plays a big role in my life! I even have ‘eleven eleven’ tattooed on my side.

I see it everywhere, and I feel that it’s the universe reassuring me that I’m on the right path. When I stop seeing it, it’s a chance to reassess what’s happening and look at the decisions I’m making to see where I could be going down the wrong path. If you think I’m nuts – google 11:11! I’m not alone in this belief. Our address at the centre is 191 Mandurah Terrace… 1+9+1 = 11. It’s not a coincidence!

So the last few months have been a slow progression towards this moment. The opening of the centre, and of my yoga studio. I’ve connected with a few other beautiful women who are also going to be teaching from my studio, in particular Tracy from Wyld Tribe who offers sistahood circles and sound healings, among many other things. She came to me with a desire to co-create and an offer of support, and it was another unexpected connection that has helped fuel my path forwards. More proof that when the time is right, the universe will provide.

And here we are now, one month from opening day. I still wonder, how did this happen? I feel like I have done very little, fate has just been landing everything on my plate during the entire experience. Because it’s right. This is just what’s meant to happen, and who I am to argue about that? I’ve already learned that when the universe has a plan for you, you step out of its way and let it happen.

Sometimes those plans are good, and sometimes they are much more challenging, but they are always what you need at that exact time in your life to grow, learn and move forward.

So I am approaching this incredible new venture with that same attitude. I allow it to be as it is. I allow things to happen as they should. And I thank the universe, I thank Tamara, and I thank everyone that has had faith since the start. I thank the world’s best husband – mine! – for his unwavering and unconditional love and belief.

And I thank YOU, for your support and for being part of my journey. I hope you make it into the studio and Sacred Earth Sanctuary and experience this healing and wellness centre for yourself. It’s going to be truly magical.

With love and so much gratitude,

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  1. Congratulations Bianca, so beautiful to read about your journey to where you are now xxx It’s all just so wonderful and synchronistical, its almost ridiculous! With much love, Lisa

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