Jess Ainscough – Wellness Warrior and Ray of Light

Jess Ainscough – Wellness Warrior and Ray of LightJess never knew me. But I knew her. At least, I felt like I knew her – as did thousands of others from all corners of the globe who had read her blog and followed her journey over the last seven years. And along with them, it was with great shock and deep sadness that I learned she had left our world on February 26th.

Jess had been living with a rare form of cancer, epithelioid sarcoma, which spread to her left arm. Read the rest of this post »

A Week of Reflection and Facing My Fears

Taane1A couple of big things happened this last week and I didn’t expect either of them, so I wasn’t particularly prepared. Now I’ll warn you, this post might go a little bit deep – a lot deeper than my previous ones – but when we talk about our fears and emotions you can’t help but go deep! And like I mentioned last week, our emotions have a direct influence on our health and wellbeing so I thought I’d share this with you in the hope that it helps me work through what I’m feeling, and maybe even help you with something you’re going through right now as well. Read the rest of this post »

It’s Mother’s Day and I’ve Got Breast Cancer On My Mind

Happy Mother’s Breast Cancer RibbonDay to all the Mums out there! What an amazing job you do! And I’m not just talking about the cooking, cleaning, organising, driving around, answering homework questions and dealing with tantrums. I’m talking about the way you put yourself second to make sure these little lives have the best upbringing they can possibly have, no matter what your personal circumstances are. It can be draining, tiring, exhausting, and you often don’t get thanks for any of it. Read the rest of this post »