Why I’m Vegan… But You Don’t Have To Be

If yVegan tableou’ve read my About Me page, you would know that I am indeed, a vegan. Well, I call myself a vegan but in actual fact I’m not 100% – I do eat the occasional egg and raw honey. But I call myself vegan because it’s easier that way when people ask me. I choose to be vegan for a number of reasons, the simplest of which is that it just works for me. I love animals and am really opposed to the whole factory farming, animals spending their whole lives in cages thing, and I like to be as far away from that sort of carry on as I can be. Read the rest of this post »

Why I’m Digging Yoga – And You Should Too!

Karratha Yoga group 2So if you’ve been reading my Facebook updates you’ll know that for the past four days I’ve been yoga-ing my butt off. I took part in an Iyengar yoga workshop that totally knocked my socks off! My trikonasana has improved considerably…my what?!? Oh yeah, my triangle pose that is. I’m sore, I’m a little tired, but I’m enlightened and loving every moment. In the last year I have taken to yoga like a duck to water, and it’s funny because in my early 20s I was a huge yoga fan but then I started traveling, got a serious boyfriend, started partying, and all thoughts of yoga kind of got left behind. Read the rest of this post »

A Week of Reflection and Facing My Fears

Taane1A couple of big things happened this last week and I didn’t expect either of them, so I wasn’t particularly prepared. Now I’ll warn you, this post might go a little bit deep – a lot deeper than my previous ones – but when we talk about our fears and emotions you can’t help but go deep! And like I mentioned last week, our emotions have a direct influence on our health and wellbeing so I thought I’d share this with you in the hope that it helps me work through what I’m feeling, and maybe even help you with something you’re going through right now as well. Read the rest of this post »

I’ve Given Something Up for My 34th Birthday

20130804_172615This post is a little scary to write. And a little confronting. But isn’t that what getting older is all about? Evolution, new paths, changing our direction and becoming happier in our own skin? So I’ve made a big decision recently and I’m so excited, nervous, anxious, determined, to share it with you.

Writing it down makes it a little more real for me. Don’t you find that? You think so many things in your mind, make so many decisions and resolutions, yet until they’re made reality somehow it’s like they don’t really exist. Read the rest of this post »

Why You Are More Powerful Than Anyone Else

happiness2014 I used to be one of those types that liked to blame other people. How I was feeling, what I was doing, it was all based on what someone else had done. I had a boyfriend in my 20s that didn’t treat me particularly well and it had a major effect on the next year or two of my life after we broke up. My mindset was basically, “I got cheated on! I got disrespected! I gave away part of myself and he threw it down the toilet!” So that gave me ample ammunition to go into the world and treat myself, and others, exactly the same way. Read the rest of this post »