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Take a look at some of our past events below:

Flow Festival

December 16-18, 2016

Flow FestivalFlow Festival was an epic three day event of “yoga, music and healing arts” in Serpentine, WA, filled with workshops, talks, live music, dancing and incredible yoga practices.

Thanks to everyone I met in the Healing Tent Friday and Saturday nights, and to those who attended my workshop, Breathe Your Way to Health.

“Your breath is your life force, bringing in vital oxygen and energy, and removing toxins from your body. But your breath is also more than that – it’s your key to great health and vitality. In this 45 minute workshop you’ll learn specific pranayama techniques, how and when to practice them for the most benefit, and specific ailments and illnesses these techniques can aid with managing, or even assist in healing.”

Sacred Earth Sanctuary Grand Opening 

November 11-12, 2016

Sacred Earth SanctuaryThank you to all that joined us for the grand opening of the Sacred Earth Sanctuary wellness centre. We were overwhelmed with the support we received from the community, the crowds and all the positive feedback.

Highlights included:

+ Aboriginal community leader George Walley giving our opening speech and permission to use the land, plus a smudging ceremony and his incredible didge playing.
+ Practitioner talks, mini healing sessions, product sampling and taste testing.
+ Various market stalls including organic produce, pop up arts shops, essential oils, organic tea, clothing, crystals, raw desserts and treats and loads more.
+ Prizes and giveaways, raffles, opening discounts and specials, face painting, henna tattooing, live music, eco-faeries, organic sausage sizzle and a bouncy castle.
+ Fundraising for some very special charities including Peel Community Kitchen, Halo, Homestead For Youth, and Mandurah Wildlife Rescue.

A Yogi Christmas

December 22, 2015

A Yogi Christmas

Thank you to the beautiful souls who joined me for my special end of year class, A Yogi Christmas.

We shared an hour of yoga, a 20 minute metta meditation to wish love, peace and joy to our world for the year ahead, and finally some delicious vegan treats – the raw walnut brownie with peanut butter frosting was a winner!

It finished off a remarkable year on a high note.

You & Your Wellbeing Workshop

June 20, 2015

You and Your Wellbeing

Thank you to everyone that participated in this beautiful workshop – it was such an honour to be involved.

Head to the blog post to read about how it went.

All proceeds from this workshop were donated to the Oxfam Trailwalkers, a great cause.

Big thanks to Stephanie Bycroft for organising this fabulous event!


Yoga For Nepal Earthquake Appeal

May 9, 2015

Yoga for Nepal

Big thanks and gratitude to everyone who donated towards my Yoga for Nepal fundraiser. The final total raised was $1,465.80 – just incredible!

This money was donated to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies on May 12th, the same day Nepal was shaken by a second big earthquake.

Along with our money may we send love, light and healing to the beautiful Nepali people.

Special thanks to:

Jennifer Maras, Lee Crosbie, Adrian Douthie, Peta Adie, Jenny Ransley, Kayne Buik, Jan Westaway, Barbara Ball, Josie Lanza, Sarah Stinton, Morgan MacLachlan and the 40 generous souls that came along to the Yoga for Nepal class and made this donation possible.



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