Are you ready to improve your relationship with food, create positive and vibrant change in your life and wake up feeling amazing every single day?

Are you ready to improve your relationship with your body, be gorgeous and glowy from the inside out and love what you see in the mirror?

Are you ready to throw off those feelings of guilt, frustration, and confusion when it comes to what to eat and how to be healthy?

Are you ready to start living a life of energy, enthusiasm and purpose to become your best version of you?

You’re in the right place.

 I believe that happiness is the goal, and health is the vehicle to get you there.

You have the power to create your own vibrant health through the food you eat, the way you move your body, through your thoughts and actions, the relationships you have, and how you live your life each and every day. When you become open to this power then there are no limitations! There are no diets, no restrictions, no hunger. There’s no confusion, no frustration, and no self-doubt.


Bianca Health CoachingHey you! I’m Bianca MacLachlan and I want you to know that you were born to feel amazing. You were born to live a life full of vitality. And the power to create that life is in your hands.

It’s that voice inside you telling you there is a better way.

It’s realising you don’t want to feel like this anymore.

It’s knowing you can’t keep going on this way.

It’s admitting that something has to give.

It’s when your desire to change is greater than your desire to stay the same.

It’s time to get your Vitality back

My health coaching programs begin with a free, no strings attached, health history consultation. We’ll go through a questionnaire that allows me to get to know you a little better, and we’ll use this to understand your current lifestyle and clarify your goals and the changes you desire to make.

I offer three options to make sure you’re getting the right support and attention you deserve, to lead you towards your unique goals.

All programs are available via Skype, in person, or telephone!

OPTION ONE // Vitality Boost

// One 90 minute session.
// Your investment: $125.

This session is designed to offer you the advice and education you need to start implementing positive change into your life, at your own pace. We will discuss food and diet, exercise, meditation, self care, sleep, stress, and any other factors that may be affecting your health and wellbeing.


OPTION TWO // Vitality Essentials

// Four 60 minute sessions over one month.
// Your investment: $375.

This is a month long program designed to help you uncover the foundations for your own health and happiness. We will focus on the essentials, being food and diet, exercise, sleep and stress. Without these four critical components, health isn’t achievable so these need to be on track for transformation to take place.

This program includes:

// Weekly sessions to keep you on track with advice and recommendations on these four health essentials.
// Handouts, recipes, tips and other helpful and encouraging materials.
// Unlimited email support between sessions. I’m here to guide you, encourage you and be your number one cheerleader every step of the way.
// A library of documentaries on a range of health topics. You bring the USB, I’ll provide the content.
// My personal dedication and loving support to your health and success in this program.


OPTION THREE // Vibrant Vitality

// Six 60 minute sessions over three months.
// Your investment: $875 total, spread over three payments.

This is a gradual program where we will look at every area of your life and see how it’s affecting your health and happiness – food and diet, lifestyle habits, exercise, stress, emotional connections, job satisfaction, self care, self love, past traumas, sleeping patterns, exposure to toxins and more. We spend time getting to the core of the issues to understand where they came from, and then find the best methods to transform them into positive change. We implement changes slowly to guide you in the right direction and watch your results shine.

This program includes:

// Fortnightly sessions to keep you on track and offer advice and recommendations.
// Handouts, recipes, tips and other helpful and encouraging materials.
// Unlimited email support between sessions. I’m here to guide you, encourage you and be your number one cheerleader every step of the way.
// A library of documentaries on a range of health topics. You bring the USB, I’ll provide the content.
// My personal dedication and loving support to your health and success in this program.


Ready to get started? Contact me now!


It’s time to start listening to your inner voice

I know that once you make the change and start living in sync with your intuition, your life is going to blossom.

You deserve to feel amazing and empowered. You deserve to wake up and love the life you lead. After all, this is your one chance!

I will tailor my coaching package specifically to you and help you develop a deeper understanding of the food Health Coaching sidebarand lifestyle choices that best support your goals. I’ll help guide, empower, and motivate you to improve your health and transform your life. I’ll help you reclaim your energy and find your inspiration, happiness and vitality again.

During your coaching program we’ll work together to:

 Increase your energy levels.
We’ll find that delicious balance between work and play, movement and relaxation, on and off.

 Discover and play with different food and diet options.
Eating well isn’t just about salads and juice! There’s a world of wholefoods out there and we’ll play around until we find the right options for your body.

 Understand and reduce your unhealthy cravings.
Cravings are completely normal – it’s your body trying to tell you something. So let’s work out what that message is and how we can give your body what it needs.

 Understand the effects of different foods on your body.
Everyone reacts differently to different food groups, and some can cause sensitivities that you might not even be aware of! We’ll work out what’s working and what’s not.

 Learn how to make positive choices in your life.
We’ll look at what triggers you to make not-so-great choices and how to remove those triggers for good – stress management tools and self trust are super important.

 Develop a fitness regime that suits your body and lifestyle.
Exercise and movement should be fun, not forced. Let’s find out what you love and work to create a personalised program based on playfulness and satisfaction.

 Create gradual and lasting changes to help you reach your health goals successfully and enjoyably!
We’ll work gently to make lifelong habits and help move you towards your true health and life intentions and purpose!

There’s a Buddhist proverb that says, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. And I know that if you’re reading this, then you’re ready. I’m here to show you the way.


It’s time to work with me

Health and wellness are absolutely at the core of my being – I’m so passionate about this and I’m continually learning to expand my knowledge and offer you the best possible coaching that I can.

Bianca Health Coaching1 I’m a Holistic Health Coach trained by the world’s largest nutrition school, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
 I hold an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition and Health, plus a Certificate in Nutrition and Diet, specialising in nutrition for stress, anxiety and depression.
 I’m a Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance Australia.
 I’m a Mindfulness Meditation certified level 1 coach.
 I’m a Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor.
 I’m a THUMP Level 1 Boxing for Fitness Instructor.
 I’m currently completing a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition through La Trobe University.

But even more important than this, I’m a student of life. I’ve spent a long time figuring out what’s best for my body, changing the way I eat to find what works for me, and trying every exercise fad out there until I found the one that my body would love and respond to. I’ve been through some difficult situations where I’ve learned valuable lessons in acceptance, self love, and self worth. And I spent years searching for my passion and purpose, until I found it right here in the nourishing heart of wellness.

I believe to the core of my being that your health is everything. It’s what allows you to live, be the person you were born to be and do all the things on your bucket list of life. A healthy body creates a healthy mind, and together they allow you to live to your true potential – live the shiny, delicious life you were destined to!

I believe in the power of natural, whole foods and a positive mindset. Gratitude, kindness and understanding. Love and support. Balance, vibrancy and passion.

You are a special and unique soul, and my goal is to help you find your path, as individual as you are, so you can realise the power you hold. I’ll coach you through the food you eat, the way you move your body, and the way you live your life to make sure these reflect the real you, and mirror that voice inside you that already knows where you’re meant to be.

Let’s get started! Contact me now!

I know what’s it like to live your life with that constant voice in your head telling you that you’re doing it wrong. I spent years ignoring my intuition, drowning it out with alcohol, cigarettes and big nights out.

But today I work with people just like you and coach them through finding their own path to wellness. They’ve lost weight, changed their habits, reduced their pain, lost their symptoms, started meditating, gotten out of their comfort zones, found freedom, improved their confidence, let go, become present, found passion, found clarity, learned to cook and learned to love themselves.

When was the last time you spoke with someone about your health and happiness and received the attention you deserve?
Contact me for your free consultation and see how one conversation could change your life!

Love from clientsfrom clients

“Bianca is more than a coach! She is more than an inspiration! She is a facilitator and she allowed me to come to my own realisation, that I could effect this huge change in my life. She allowed me to do it my way, by carefully and respectfully watching and listening as I drew from within myself, an ability and my own natural tools and skills which have assisted me in reaching great heights of good eating and good health.

I was addicted to sugar, seriously addicted. I also didn’t know how challenging it would be to break this addiction. With Bianca’s help, I was able to slowly change my habits and begin the road to recovery. I have been sugar free for about 6 months now.

Bianca is a warm and sweet soul who was intensely interested in my story and dedicated to the task of helping me to achieve my goals. She did not at any stage assume a demeanor of control so that at the end of my sessions, I knew that I had achieved what I had with her guidance but with my doing.” ~ Jenny, WA.


“Bianca was able to give me back my sense of self. I’m now more open with people, more willing to exercise, but the biggest change after seeing Bianca is how I feel about myself.
Bianca was very personable, and she was able to see what I couldn’t. I recommend her to anyone who feels they need some guidance in their lives.” ~ Kristy, WA.


“I came to Bianca wanting to lose weight, stop beating myself up and just be happy with myself, in body and spirit. I can’t believe now how much weight I’ve lost, and how much less stressed I am! I now cherish and love my body, and my mind is clear! I just feel so much healthier.

Bianca provided me with the motivation, support and information I needed to keep me on track.

Bianca is inspiring, passionate, knowledgeable, sincere and caring. Anyone looking at making positive changes to their life, and sticking with it, should see her! No matter how big or small your goal might be, Bianca will be with you every step of the way, right when you need the support. She loves nothing more than seeing other people thrive.” ~ Stevie, WA.

“My reason for coming to Bianca was to become happier with myself and my life, and to lose weight. Not only did she suggest strategies that were realistic for me and my busy life – and that have truly worked! – but she also led me to realise that my own happiness was in my control.

Bianca is incredibly easy to talk to. Right from our first session I found myself completely relaxed, telling her things I would not usually even talk to a close friend about. She is non-judgmental and a great listener. The best thing about Bianca is she never made me feel reliant on her, or anyone else for that matter. She made me see that only I had the answers for myself and she just supported me through my journey.

The biggest change since seeing Bianca is that I am happy! I am looking at life with a completely different view. Others have also noticed this change in me and it is wonderful when they comment on how positive I now am. I have also kept on track with my weight loss goal.

I have learnt to listen to my own body and mind, and I am really grateful for the complete life change Bianca has provided me with.” ~ Lauren, WA.


“When I first met Bianca I was unfit, overweight and dealing with the daily struggle of bloating, gas and just feeling lethargic in general. Bianca came in to my life at a time where I was struggling with a lot of things, personally and physically.

I explained to Bianca that I suffer from constant bloating, gas and just feeling crappy with my digestion. She suggested I try eliminating certain foods from my diet to try to pin point the cause of my symptoms. After a few weeks we realised that I have a gluten allergy. So Bianca and I worked together in researching delicious natural alternatives. There really are so many great alternatives out there for those suffering from food allergies, you just have to be open and willing to try new things.

Over a period of 6 months I lost 10kg and felt absolutely amazing as a direct result of making healthy changes to my diet.

Bianca was always there then, and is still there for me as of this day in guiding and encouraging me toward my health goals. Not only is Bianca a kind, honest and strong person, but she is an absolute wealth of knowledge who studies constantly to better herself on her favourite subject.

For anyone thinking of having a health consultation with Bianca, I strongly recommend you do, you have nothing but weight to lose and only a wealth of health advice to gain!” ~ Chloe, WA.


“I am so excited to go shopping for new cookwear and fill my cupboards with all the good tips Bianca has given me! I usually eat coconut oil, spirulina and acai and am reasonably healthy but I am so inspired by all the information she has given me, and especially grateful for her knowledge on all the things I did not realise I was doing wrong. I’m inspired to go home and make delicious healthy sweets for my kiddies (and me!).

Thank you so much for your help and inspiration! You have helped me heal myself and my family with your bountiful knowledge on nutrition.” ~ Alicia, NSW.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates.

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