Why I’m Saying No to New Year’s Resolutions

Why I’m Saying No to New Year’s ResolutionsI can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2014! Don’t you think this year has gone by super quick? Much faster than normal… Kind of like global warming, but that’s another story.

So you might have also noticed (along with the rising temperatures) that around this time of year people start to think about the things they did, and the things they didn’t do over the last 12 months. Things they want to do, or things they tried to do but failed at first time around (or maybe second or third time around, as the case may be). Read the rest of this post »

Becoming a Yoga Teacher and a Believer in Humanity

Becoming a Yoga Teacher and a Believer in HumanityI was actually a bit hesitant about writing this blog because in all honesty, it’s difficult to find the right words to describe just how magical my time in Bali was! It’s not very often that you find yourself surrounded by like-minded people, accepting, non-judging, supportive and full of love and gratitude. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like it before, and if I ever experience again then I will call myself a very blessed individual!

Of course, day one I was pretty nervous. Read the rest of this post »

About Following Your Heart

About Following Your HeartHello from Bali! Or more specifically, Ubud – mecca for yogis and nature lovers alike. And for me, being both of those, it’s pretty much paradise. If you don’t follow me on Facebook then you might be wondering why I’m here, so let me give you a bit of a breakdown of what’s happening at the moment.

I’ve basically taken a three-week hiatus from my normal life to immerse myself in all things yoga. To live, breathe, eat and sleep my yoga teacher training. Read the rest of this post »

Getting Really, Really Clear On Your Goals

Getting Really, Really Clear On Your GoalsIt’s time to get really clear on your goals. When it comes to our health, sometimes we think we know what our goal is, but we’re actually looking at it from completely the wrong angle. So then what happens? We don’t reach our goals! Because we don’t really know what they are!

It’s all about understanding your true motives, and your underlying desire, for wanting the thing that you want.

I was thinking about this today when a good friend asked me why I was heading off to do my yoga teacher training. Read the rest of this post »

Why I Love Being a Health Coach

Why I Love Being a Health CoachA really lovely client of mine, that I’m now honoured to call a friend, posted this on her Facebook page today:

“I’ve dropped 10kg in body weight in the past 4.5 months and feel the fittest/healthiest I have ever been in my 36 years of life. I am not on a diet (can’t deprive myself!) I have done it by taking the time to learn how to love my body, learnt to listen to its needs, learnt to work with it not against it and nurture the amazing machine it is. Read the rest of this post »

How To Create a Morning Routine (and Why It’s Important)

How To Create a Morning Routine (and Why It’s Important)I freely admit, I never used to care about my morning routine. There was no such thing as a morning routine! It was me, rolling out of bed, showering, and rolling out the door. Sometimes there was coffee involved, and sometimes there were cigarettes involved. Sometimes I was so hungover I can’t even remember what was involved! It’s scary really, looking back on my life and where my priorities once lay. But these days, well it’s an understatement to say that my life, and my mornings, are very different. Read the rest of this post »

What I Learned From Doing Nothing

Koh Samui ViewI’m the first to admit, when it comes to my business as a health coach, I find it hard to switch off. My poor hubby and the countless nights he’s had to cook dinner, do the dishes, and compete with my laptop for my attention! I’m lucky he’s a patient kind of guy or I’d be in real trouble. But it’s not that I’m a workaholic (or at least, I don’t think I am), it’s just that I love what I do. Read the rest of this post »

I Quit Drinking – 100 Days Later

20130804_172615You may remember earlier this year I wrote a blog about my decision to quit drinking. This was back at the very start of May, just before my 34th birthday, and it was a big deal for me. And when I say big, I mean, massive. I’ve spent my whole life it seems loving a glass of wine, enjoying a night drinking with friends, and bonding with people over a big booze session. Being the big introvert that I am, alcohol helped get me out of my shell as a teenager. Read the rest of this post »

What Are You In It For?

RunningMovement. Action. Exercise. Whatever you want to call it, it all boils down to the same thing, and that’s the need to move that sexy bod of yours! And as I was moving my bod along a steady 12km track yesterday (which my quads have seriously not forgiven me for yet) I was kinda thinking about what possesses people to do crazy challenges like that. Or at least, what possesses me to do crazy challenges like that (I was thinking this around the 7 or 8km mark when motivation was starting to wain and I was questioning my motives a little. Read the rest of this post »

Either You Control It, or It Controls You

time-warpI’m going to let you in on a little secret. There’s one relationship in my life that seems to be controlling all of my other relationships at the moment, and for some reason it doesn’t matter how well I plan things, it just doesn’t work. Right now, it’s my biggest limitation. I’m rearranging everything for it! And still, I keep finding that things aren’t going the way I want them too.

It’s my relationship with time.

I feel like I’m constantly saying to people, I’m busy! Read the rest of this post »