Diets, Body Image and Divine Femininity

Diets, Body Image and Divine FemininityYesterday was a momentous day for me. It was the day of the You & Your Wellbeing workshop, and it was hands down the most incredible day I’ve had the blessing to be part of. 50 women in one room, oh man! You know what it’s like with that many women in one space? The energy was electric!

And, the energy was positive. Open, welcoming, loving, genuine. These are feelings that women do best, yes??

So for four hours (we ran over by a whole hour and no one minded!) we did yoga, listened to inspirational talks, talked about – and ate – great food, and meditated. Read the rest of this post »

(Self) Love Is All You Need

(Self) Love Is All You NeedThere’s a definite theme happening right now. With my clients, with myself, I’m seeing it everywhere! We’re all failing miserably at prioritising something extremely important – self-love.

I was chatting to a (gorgeous) client of mine yesterday and she was talking about work, doing the long hours, running around after other people and having trouble sleeping at night. So I said to her, “Well, when’s the last time you stopped and allowed yourself some relaxation time?”. And the response was a bit of an embarrassed, “Never…..”. Read the rest of this post »

Add Some Vitamin ‘L’ into Your Cooking

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I’ll be totally honest with you, usually I’m not a big Valentine’s person – I kind of think it’s a giant marketing ploy to sell loads of red roses at ridiculously marked up prices (but if that’s your thing, go for it! Each to their own I say!). However yesterday I decided I’d totally shock the hubby by doing something nice for him.

(Side note: Not that I don’t do nice things for him, on the contrary. Read the rest of this post »

Why I Love Being a Health Coach

Why I Love Being a Health CoachA really lovely client of mine, that I’m now honoured to call a friend, posted this on her Facebook page today:

“I’ve dropped 10kg in body weight in the past 4.5 months and feel the fittest/healthiest I have ever been in my 36 years of life. I am not on a diet (can’t deprive myself!) I have done it by taking the time to learn how to love my body, learnt to listen to its needs, learnt to work with it not against it and nurture the amazing machine it is. Read the rest of this post »