A Beginner’s Guide to Ayurveda

A Beginner’s Guide to AyurvedaHave you heard of Ayurveda before? Pronounced “aa-yer-vay-da”, this is one of the oldest healing and medicinal systems in the world, straight out of India. In fact, it’s often called the ‘Sister Science’ to yoga, because they were both started by the same great sages and compliment each other in their wisdom.

Ayurveda’s history can be dated back over 6,000 years – and some say as much as 10,000 years (isn’t that incredible?). Today in India there are around 300,000 Ayurvedic doctors, many of whom work side by side with conventional medicine and homeopathy, and as yoga has gained popularity in the western world, so has Ayurveda. Read the rest of this post »

Pondering the Power of Plants and Modern Medicine

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image29465427I was at a workshop over the weekend called Medicine Cabinet Makeover and it was all about using essential oils to keep you and your family healthy. We ended up having some great discussions (as we usually do at these kinds of events!), and there was one comment made that really struck a chord with me. The comment was this:

“Isn’t it funny how we’ll take a pill from a doctor, without knowing anything about it, and not question it at all.

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Keepin’ It Real At The Supermarket

Keepin’ It Real At The SupermarketSo pros and cons about the supermarket. Pro: you can buy whatever you want there. Con: you can buy whatever you want there.

Yes it’s true that the supermarket has added some value to our lives in the last 60 years or so, making it easier and more convenient to buy the food we need to survive. But just because something is convenient, doesn’t necessarily make it better. With the explosion of the supermarket world came the explosion of convenience foods – frozen meals in the 50s (TV dinner anyone?), dehydrated and boil-in-a-bag dinners in the 70s, crisps in the 80s and whatever it is that we call food now! Read the rest of this post »