How Alcohol Kills Goals and Dreams (and I’m 18 Months Sober!)

How Alcohol Kills Goals and Dreams (and I’m 18 Months Sober!)I was chatting to the hubby the other night and we were talking about Oktoberfest (not the one in Germany, just a big event coming up in the town we live in). And I had this realisation, which was that I couldn’t even relate to it anymore. That urge to get dressed up, stock up on booze for the after party, sit around drinking, getting blind, staggering home.

It all felt so foreign to me.

Which is funny, because that was exactly the stuff I was getting excited about just 18 months ago. Read the rest of this post »

My Evolution from Party Girl to Healthy Traveller

My Evolution from Party Girl to Healthy TravellerI’ve been a bit silent here on the blog for the last couple of weeks, but there’s a good reason for this – I’m writing my first ebook!!

I’ve been thinking about writing an ebook for, I don’t know, only the last year or so. Throwing ideas around, talking to the hubby about them, but nothing seemed quite right. Until just a few weeks ago when the hubby and I were making some travel plans (more on those later) and he pipes up with, “Why don’t you write a book about traveling and staying healthy? Read the rest of this post »

It’s My Soberversary – Insights One Year off the Booze

I honestly can’t believe that it’s been one year. A whole year! When I look back on my booze-filled past, it really is nothing short of a miracle that I have reached the stage that I’m at. Not that I was an alcoholic, but I definitely used it as a crutch.

Boyfriend broke up with me? Let’s get drunk. Had a crappy day at work? Let’s get drunk. Something to celebrate? Let’s get drunk. It’s the weekend! Let’s get drunk. Read the rest of this post »

I Quit Drinking – 100 Days Later

20130804_172615You may remember earlier this year I wrote a blog about my decision to quit drinking. This was back at the very start of May, just before my 34th birthday, and it was a big deal for me. And when I say big, I mean, massive. I’ve spent my whole life it seems loving a glass of wine, enjoying a night drinking with friends, and bonding with people over a big booze session. Being the big introvert that I am, alcohol helped get me out of my shell as a teenager. Read the rest of this post »

I’ve Given Something Up for My 34th Birthday

20130804_172615This post is a little scary to write. And a little confronting. But isn’t that what getting older is all about? Evolution, new paths, changing our direction and becoming happier in our own skin? So I’ve made a big decision recently and I’m so excited, nervous, anxious, determined, to share it with you.

Writing it down makes it a little more real for me. Don’t you find that? You think so many things in your mind, make so many decisions and resolutions, yet until they’re made reality somehow it’s like they don’t really exist. Read the rest of this post »